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5 best exercises to gain strength on the bike

July 10, 2019
exercises bike

From the comfort of your living room, you can enjoy these 5 exercises to gain strength on the bike and prepare for an even greater challenge.

There are a lot of exercises to gain strength on the bike that you can do, from the comfort of your living room that will make a considerable difference in your performance on the bike. Darren Roberts, who is in charge of the rehabilitation and high performance of the athletes for several Red Bull athletes, talks about five of the most relevant exercises for the bicycle that he can do without having to leave the house.

The exercises to gain strength on the bike are as follows:

1. Push-ups

exercises to gain strength on the bike

Imagination is the limit when it comes to push-ups: wide, narrow, with your feet up: you can make them as difficult or as easy as you want. Being able to handle the weight of your own body is key to absorbing the impacts while descending the hills.

Regardless of the progression you choose, keep your back straight and your head in line with your back and core tight. If you can not yet do full flexion, find a chair or steps to start, or even lean against a wall. As you gain more dexterity, you can work until you reach full flexion.

2. Jumping

exercises to gain strength on the bicycle

Skipping is ideal for a full workout, since it works on the ankles, calves and legs, as well as coordination and time.

As you get fitter and more competent, you can make your routine more complex. The double bottom, the triple bottom and a variety of movements will keep it challenging. Speed, strength, plyometric exercises, physical fitness and having to use your mind all in one movement is the ideal preparation to ride.

3. Planks

plank moves

Just like push-ups, there are a number of variations of the board, which you can do as easy or as difficult as you want. The abdominals and back extensions are also good, but the planks are rather a general challenge for the core, upper body and also the mind.

The board is a variation of a flex, but instead of being in your hands with your arms straight, you lean on your elbows with your forearms resting on the floor. Keep a straight line from the head to the shoulders until you reach the feet and hold the position as long as possible, compromising the nucleus at all times.

4. Pull-upspull-ups” width=

A pull-up may not seem very specific to the bicycle, but it needs to be able to pull, as well as push, to ride a bicycle. The pull-down bars that you can install in your door frame are inexpensive and can be easily found online.

If you can not do full push-ups initially, give jumping domination a chance. This is where they jump, grab the bar and get off as slowly as they can before repeating the process. This is a movement of great strength, but mastering it will pay off in the long term.

Arm, armpit, width and narrow: there are a number of variations. Once you break them, you can start adding weight to increase profits. However, before all that, start with little and work to achieve it with a good and strict movement to make the most of it.

5. Squats

squads and lounge

The aerial squats of body weight, the lunges, the divided squats: once again, there is a great variation with what you can do to work the legs. Whichever variation you choose, keep the head in line with the body and center as straight as possible, directing with the chest while trying not to let the knees pass beyond the toes. Drive through the entire foot instead of the toes: this helps you use the entire leg instead of just the quads.

You can also alternate the squats with exercises in the treadmill, if you are starting, treadmill workout for beginners can go well.

With these exercises to gain strength on the bike, you will see results quite fast and they are quite enjoyable. What do you expect? Go for it!