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12 Benefits of Rowing Machine

June 30, 2019
woman using rowing machines

Burning approximately 10% to 15% more calories than running or riding a bicycle, is one of the benefits of rowing machine. And it has shaken the fitness world with its calorie-burning benefits. – Fitness experts confirm.

Benefits of rowing machine:

These are the reasons why you should jump on a rowing machine and throw away that treadmill.

Rowing is an effective aerobic exercise. Its cardiovascular benefits keep the heart and lungs healthy.

  1. You get a total body workout with the rowing machine. Rowing works in all major muscle groups. It is one of those few exercises, which work both in the upper and lower part of the body.
  2. Only a few exercises burn calories as the rowing machine does. The rowing machine is effective for weight loss, since exercise provides both strength training and cardiovascular training. Yes! Burn fat and build muscles at the same time!
  3. It is beneficial for resistance training.
  4. Vigorous paddling involves all the major muscles of the body and tones and strengthens them.
  5. It provides a wider range of motion.
  6. The rowing machine provides more resistance than cycling. The continuous traction and push movement of the paddle provides resistance not in one but in two directions.
  7. It is of low impact in nature and can be used by people with joint problems. It is also suitable for older people.
  8. Rowing helps to improve the flexibility of the body, as well as the resistance.
  9. It has lower risk of injuries.
  10. The rowing machine is a good option for cross training.
  11. The rowing machine is convenient and efficient. Burn more calories in less time.
Benefits Of Rowing Machines
Benefits Of Rowing Machines

Get the benefits of Rowing Machine with this exercises:

Although regular rowing is a challenge in itself, there are some variations you can make to overcome the challenge and make the training even more intense. Make sure you do a good warm-up before going out to row!

1. Simple Rowing:

Most people move away from the rowing machine because they do not know how to use it. It is important to do the technique well; Otherwise it can result in injuries. The simple basic rowing exercise consists of 3 positions:

(a) The catch: Sit on the paddle and bend your knees, put your feet in the hold. After that, extend your arms and grasp the handle firmly in your hands. Make sure your back is not bent and your abs are tight.

(b) The unit: Push with the legs, straightening them until they are completely unfolded and at the same time pull the handle with the arms extended.

(c) Finishing: After you have fully stretched your legs, lean backwards at a 45-degree angle. Keep your arms extended. Then invert the technique to the original position.

2. Power Curls:

The curls of power are excellent for your biceps. It also challenges the core more because you make your curls while maintaining the ending position.

  1. Perform the simple rowing 3 times and keep the last one in the Finish position.
  2. Now, bending the elbows brings the handle to the chin and unrolls.
  3. Make 4 curls while maintaining the final position.
  4. Repeat the entire exercise 5-8 times.

3. Lateral rows:

The lateral curls not only work on the muscles of the arms, but also help to adjust the waist. This variation also increases the pressure on the chest.

  1. Enter the capture position. Make sure your back is erect.
  2. Now push while stretching your legs.
  3. At the same time, pull the handles with the arms to the left side and lean back.
  4. Make the left side 8 times and then repeat for the other side.

4. Sprints or extreme rowing:

This variation is used to increase the cardio effect of the exercise. Sprints or extreme paddling decrease the intensity of the resistance aspect while increasing the speed of the paddle. This results in greater aerobic activity that leads to burn additional calories.

  1. In this exercise, you do the regular rowing, but the difference is that you do not drive all the time. Increase the speed of the paddle while stopping in the driving position.
  2. Do what you can in 1 min.
  3. To intensify the exercise, you can increase the period of time and the speed of rowing.

5. Long distance:

This variation emphasises the aspect of rowing strength training by increasing endurance and decreasing the rate of cardiovascular activity.

  1. In this variation, make the rowing simple but at a slower pace.
  2. When you reach the final position, bend the elbows and pull the lever towards you. Lie down as much as you can while pulling the handle. Do not bend your back.

6. Simple Rowing with calisthenics:

This is not a big variation, but an exercise. The change in this exercise is that we alternate rowing with calisthenics exercises.

  1. Do a rowing game (12 times) or a row for 1 min.
  2. Then make 8 alternate strides.
  3. Again, make a rowing set. Then do 8 squats.
  4. Do another series of rowing and make table turns.

The rowing machine is an excellent way to get in shape and burn calories. But it is important, for the benefits of rowing machine, to make sure that your technique and posture are good. It is recommended to gradually get used to the machine with slow and simple rowing. Test the variations once you learn.

Another important thing to keep in mind when rowing is the breathing technique. Inhale while in the capture position, exhale strongly when pulling the handle, inhale when you return to the original position.

Always finish a rowing workout with a good stretching session.

So, when you have only 30 minutes to train or you’re not in the mood to do something complicated, just hop on an indoor paddler. It will trigger those pounds and get rid of those extra inches. And the bonus? Rowing is very fun!