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Treadmill Workout for Beginners

May 18, 2019
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Maintaining consistency when starting a treadmill workout program in execution is the key to facilitate execution. And once the race becomes easier, it is more likely to become a habit! Unfortunately, the weather does not always worry about your career goals.

With this treadmill workout, you will burn a lot of calories, hence, it allows you to see rapid weight loss, as one of many treadmill workout benefits.

To make sure that weather and other outdoor obstacles are not a factor, we have designed this exercise for beginners to keep you on track for your career and fitness goals!

treadmill workout for weight loss

Before starting Treadmill Workout, mark your rhythm. Easy rhythm means you have to have a conversation. For a fast pace, you can say a word or two, but not a complete sentence. The total pace is a sprint: you can not talk, and you can only keep your speed from 30 seconds to a minute. The pace of recovery is easy and fast.

Treadmill Workout for Beginners training & breakdown

Warm up

For warm-up, start with an easy three-minute jog. The speed in this will vary from person to person, but to make sure you can easily talk to someone throughout the three minutes, do not press yet! Next, increase your speed by approximately one mph and hold it there for another three minutes.

The cadence exercise

Before we start at intervals, do a cadence exercise to really awaken your muscles and make your feet turn.

1. Set the clock to five minutes and, at the top of each minute, spend 30 seconds counting the times one of your feet touches the ground.

2. Then, during the other 30 seconds of that minute, it is not necessary to count. Just run comfortably.

3. Repeat the 30-second count at the top of each minute, with the goal of increasing your count by one minute per minute.

The objective here is not to accelerate, but to shorten the pace and encourage a faster rotation to finally make your work run more efficiently.

Interval speed work

Part 1

For the first interval speed work set, do two minutes of a fast stroke, or about 7/10 of perceived effort. Then repeat this five times.

If you are completely gassed after the first two minutes of your treadmill workout feel free to walk a minute if a light trot is too much for you. As you progress through your five rounds, try to find that perfect “fast” speed of 7/10, where you still have enough energy to maintain an easy jog for the one-minute segments.

Part 2

Next, it’s time to increase your speed and shorten your intervals. Work on one minute quick runs of approximately 8/10 of perception effort, followed by 30 seconds of a jog or easy walk. And do six rounds of that pattern.

The speed of the tape will be different for everyone, but be sure to go faster in this game than the previous one, basing your numbers on the perceived effort! Here, you point to an 8, where 10 is the maximum total effort.

Part 3

For the last established interval, cut your fast runs to 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest and go to six rounds. At this time, raise that speed to a perceived 9/10 effort, almost as fast as you can go while still in control on the treadmill.

If this exercise is too difficult, do not worry! Decrease the level of difficulty keeping the structure equal, and only take one or two rounds for each section.


After all your great speed workout, good cooling is very important! Walk for three to five minutes at an easy pace, allowing your heart rate to return to normal. After that, jump off the treadmill and do some mobility work –  whatever you feel your body needs.